Rough Collies by Ad Mommers

The world's largest database of Collie pedigree data.

Pedigree data of the Collie

Ad Mommers met zijn honden
Ad Mommers with his dogs

Finally, a long-cherished wish has come true; sharing with you the Collie pedigree data I have collected.

After years of taking care of these fantastic dogs, but also breeding them and visiting exhibitions, I have started to expand my second hobby: collecting pedigree data. Initially on cards and later the computer of course.

De afgelopen ruim 60 jaren heb ik van ruim 303.000 voornamelijk langharige Collies, gegevens verzameld. Verder heb ik meer dan 96.000 fokcombinaties (nesten) verwerkt en zo’n 225.000 tentoonstellingsuitslagen.

Fortunately, we have now succeeded in getting all this data 'in the air' with the help of this site, and hope to reach many Collie enthusiasts and offer them the opportunity to enhance and expand their information.

Voor suggesties en/of aanvullingen I am of course always looking forward to receive suggestions and/or new additions .

Feel free to have a look at the page about my kennel' of the Conny house 'which has been successful for me for many years.